BuddhaNet Audio Buddhist Chanting

This is an offering of a selection of Buddhist Chanting. Eventually we hope it will represent devotional and sutra chanting from all Buddhist traditions. If you have any quality audio material to contribute to this section (especially Tibetan), it would be much appreciated. Please email: webmaster.

BuddhaNet Audio

Download files: click right mouse button on the links then select the "Save Target As" option.
• Chinese Pureland Chants (MP3 Files)
Courtesy of Phor Kark See Monastery, Singapore
Mp3 01_-_Praise_of_the_Lotus_Pond.mp3
Praise of the Lotus Pond - 5.78 MB
Mp3 02_-_Amitabha_Sutra.mp3
Amitabha Sutra - 14.54 MB
Mp3 03_-_Mantra_for_Attaining_Birth_in_Pureland.mp3
Mantra for Attaining Birth in Pureland - 1.32 MB
Mp3 04_-_Praise_to_Buddha.mp3
Praise to Buddha - 6.0 MB
Mp3 05_-_Homage_to_Amitabha_Buddha.mp3
Homage to Amitabha Buddha - 8.87 MB
Mp3 06_-_Pureland_Verses_by_Venerable_Ci_Yu.mp3
Pureland Verses by Venerable Ci Yun - 4.13 MB
Mp3 07_-_Samathabadra_Bodhisattva's_Warning_to_the_Masses.mp3
Samathabadra Bodhisattva's Warning to the Masses - 3.30 MB
Mp3 08_-_Threefold_Refuge.mp3
The Threefold Refuge - 5.04 MB
Mp3 09_-_Great_Compassion_Mantra.mp3
Great Compassion Mantra - 3.87 MB
Praise to Skana Bodhisattva - 4.69 MB

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