Brahmavihara Dhamma

(96) Kammic cause of disease and good health

(2A) Mavana - O, Subha', the lad! Idha - in this world, ekacco itthi va puriso va - some persons, whether female or male, sattanam - cause the living beings, vihethakajatiko - to suffer by ill-treating them with hands, with stone, with sticks or with other weapons, hoti - it is done so. So - such a person, tena kammena - for having committed that act of ill-treatment, param marana - after demise, Apayam duggatim vinipatam nirayam - the Apaya, the abode of suffering, upapajjati - will reach or reborn in. Sace manussattam agacchati - If again reborn in the human world, bahabadho hoti - he will be sick or have bad health in whatever existence he may happen to become. Manava - 0, Subha, the lad, esa patipada - this bad conduct or habit of ill-treating the living beings, bahabadhasamvattanika - is likely to cause much sickness, or rather, be stricken with many kinds of diseases.

By ill-treating the living beings to cause injury or harm with hands, or stones, or sticks or other weapons, one is likely to go down to Apaya - hell, for that evil action (akusala-kamma). If he were reborn in the human existence, he is likely to be sick. It means to say that the bad conduct of ill-treating others will cause to bring much illness or many diseases. To make it more evident, the story of Putigattatissa Thera will be cited.

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