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The Book of Protection



All references to Pali texts are to the editions of the PTS.

A: Anguttara-nikaya (number of the volume and page marked against).
D: Digha-nikaya (number of the sutta marked against).
DA: Digha-nikayatthakatha, i.e. Sumangalavilasini.
Khp: Khuddaka-patha.
KhpA: Khuddaka-patha Atthakatha, i.e. Paramatthajotika.
M: Majjhima-nikaya (number of the sutta marked against).
MA: Majjhima-nikayatthakatha, i.e. Papancasudani.
S: Samyutta-nikaya (number of the volume and page marked against).
Sn: Sutta-nipata.
SnA: Sutta-nipatatthakatha, i.e. Paramatthajotika II.


Com: Commentary.
Nikaya: A collection of suttas in Pali.
n: Note.
Skt: Sanskrit.
Sutta: A sermon or discourse of the Buddha or his disciples recorded in the Canonical Texts.

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