Guide to Tipitaka

Majjhima Nikęya

Collection of Medium Length Discourses of the Buddha

This collection of medium length discourses is made up of one hundred and fifty-two suttas in three books known as pa¼¼ęsa. The first book, Mžlapa¼¼ęsa, deals with the first fifty suttas in five vaggas; the second book, Majjhimapa¼¼ęsa consists of the second fifty suttas in five vaggas too; and the last fifty-two suttas are dealt with in five vaggas of the third book, Uparipa¼¼ęsa, which means more than fifty.

(a) Mulapannāsa Pāli
(b) Majjhima Pannāsa Pāli
(c) Uparipannāsa Pāli

The suttas in this Nikaya throw much light on the social ideas and institutions of those days, and also provide general information on the economic and political life.

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