Guide to Tipitaka
Khuddaka Nikæya

(11) Niddesa Pæ¹i

This division of Khuddaka Nikæya consists of two parts: Mahæ Niddesa, the major exposition which is the commentary on the fourth vagga (A¥¥haka) of the Sutta Nipæta and Cþ¹a Niddesa, the minor exposition which is the commentary on the fifth vagga (Pæræyana) and on the Khaggavisæ¼a Sutta in the first vagga. Attributed to the Venerable Særiputta, these exegetical works contain much material on the Abhidhamma and constitute the earliest forms of commentaries, providing evidence of commentarial tradition many centuries before the Venerable Buddhaghosa appeared on the scene.

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