Buddhist Meditation CD

Insight Meditation

Insight Meditation

Instruction and guidance on Insight Meditation by Venerable Pannyavaro, an Australian Buddhist monk, founder of BuddhaNet - the Buddhist Education and Information Network on the Internet.

This teaching will give you an overview of the methods of meditation. Explain the framework for the practice. And offers guidance on the practical application of Insight meditation, especially when attempting to integrate it into daily life.

While Insight meditation can be presented in many ways, emphasizing different aspects of the teachings, the practice of Insight meditation as given here follows the Buddha's teachings in the Four Foundations of Mindfulness. This is the source material - the core teaching, which has been called the Heart of Buddhist Meditation.

The question will be asked, what is the purpose or benefit of insight meditation? What is the outcome? The answer can be found in the Buddha's own words at the beginning of the teaching of the Four Foundations of Mindfulness:

"This is the sole way for the purification of beings, for the overcoming of sorrow and lamentation, for the destroying of pain and grief, for reaching the right path and for the realization of Nirvana."

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